Crossing the Rainbow… a reflective review of Stained Glass Rainbows December 10, 2016

Here’s a nice article from Salvo Magazine by Terrell Clemmons about Stained Glass Rainbows…

Crossing the Rainbow: Reflections at the Intersection of Christianity & Homosexuality

Kent Williamson was about eight years old when a friend who’d come over to play asked him if he wanted to suck his “naughty bit.” Or would Kent let the friend suck his naughty bit? … Read the rest

Stained Glass Rainbows – Streaming Release February 1, 2016

We are pleased to announce the streaming release for Stained Glass Rainbows!


Paladin Pictures announces the release of “Stained Glass Rainbows” a Kent C. Williamson film.

Charlottesville, Virginia – February 1st, 2016 – Now available for streaming on Dish, Google Play, Vudu, Shaw, Amazon Prime, and Vimeo On-Demand.  Also available to own on DVD.

An important and … Read the rest

filmUPDATE: Church Resource Material February 6, 2015

Of late we’ve been working on creating the Stained Glass Rainbows study guide and editing video sequences for the church resource material. The study guide will help small groups, churches, and individuals get a better understanding of the topic of the film. It will consist of 5 sessions of thought-provoking commentary, challenging questions, clips from the film, and an hour … Read the rest

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