gayNEWS… Ric Alba’s Huffington Post Interview January 11, 2013

Ric Alba, former bassist with the Altar Boys (whom I interviewed for Stained Glass Rainbows) was recently interviewed by Bert Montgomery. Here’s the print interview that appeared over at The Huffington Post… Faith, Self-Discovery and Christian Music: An Interview with Ex-Altar Boy Ric Alba

And here’s a SOUNDbite from my interview with Ric for Stained Glass Rainbows… SOUNDbite… Ric Alba

gayNEWS… National Cathedral & Same-Sex Weddings January 10, 2013

Now that Gay Marriage has been legalized in Maryland, the Associated Press is reporting that the National Cathedral will begin performing same-sex weddings… 

To quote the article…

“Official Episcopal law still defines marriage as between a man an a woman, so the cathedral says it will be performing weddings that combine civil marriage ceremonies under local law with a blessing Read the rest

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