The Pledge

SGR-ThePledge-IMG_6282If you’ve completed the Stained Glass Rainbows Study Guide, you are aware that it ends with the following pledge & prayer…

The Pledge

Whenever and wherever possible I will attempt to love my gay and lesbian neighbors. I will do my best to encourage them and I will gently and lovingly point them toward Christlikeness. I will look for the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. I will eat with them, laugh with them, and I will pray with them and for them. I will do my best to fall in love with Christ and I will continually encourage them to do the same.


Dear Heavenly Father, May your grace abound in my daily actions. May your love fill my heart to overflowing. Please give me love for my neighbors and may I always be encouraging them to fall in love with Christ, in who’s name I pray. Amen.

If you’ve taken this Pledge consider joining the Stained Glass Rainbows Pledge Group on Facebook. A space¬†for honest, heartfelt, and loving conversations as we encourage one another to “fall in love with Christ.”

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