Crossing the Rainbow… a reflective review of Stained Glass Rainbows December 10, 2016

Here’s a nice article from Salvo Magazine by Terrell Clemmons about Stained Glass Rainbows…

Crossing the Rainbow: Reflections at the Intersection of Christianity & Homosexuality

Kent Williamson was about eight years old when a friend who’d come over to play asked him if he wanted to suck his “naughty bit.” Or would Kent let the friend suck his naughty bit? Kent reacted with childhood fury. He kicked the boy out of his house and threw a tennis ball after him as he fled down the street. About ten years later, he heard a guest speaker at youth group say that around one in four teens their age had already had some kind of homosexual encounter, and immediately the naughty bit incident came back to mind.

These chance encounters were the extent of his exposure to homosexuality until an unplanned turn of events two decades later. By then a filmmaker, he needed a few seconds of footage of a gay pride parade as background content for a film he was finishing up on postmodernism and the church. So he headed up to nearby Washington, D.C., for the Capital Pride parade. It was an otherwise ordinary task for a filmmaker. (READ MORE)

Kent Williamson

Kent Williamson

Kent C. Williamson is the director of Stained Glass Rainbows, Rebellion of Thought, and When Love Walks In. He is also founder of Paladin Pictures, Paladin Media Group, earless rabbit, and the Community Films Foundation.

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