facebookINFO: Why a Page & a Group? January 26, 2015

The film Stained Glass Rainbows has a Facebook PAGE and a Facebook GROUP. But why both?

facebook-page-iconThe PAGE is a great place to follow the activities of the film, learn about recent happenings, discover upcoming events, find screenings, get coupon codes, see photos from production and behind the scenes, post questions, engage in conversation about lgbt & church issues, etc., etc.

facebook-group-iconThe GROUP is a little different… soon we are going to begin tapping into members of the GROUP to help us get word out about the film, setup group screenings, contact churches, coordinate interviews, share posts, bang the drum, etc., etc. So, if that type of help and assistance sounds good to you, please join the GROUP…

Of course, we’d love for you to be both a FOLLOWER of the PAGE and an ACTIVIST with the GROUP. Thanks for joining us on this journey… it’s about to get exciting! Oh, and by the way, members of both of these will be eligible for special discounts on film related items from time to time.

Kent Williamson

Kent Williamson

Kent C. Williamson is the director of Stained Glass Rainbows, Rebellion of Thought, and When Love Walks In. He is also founder of Paladin Pictures, Paladin Media Group, earless rabbit, and the Community Films Foundation.

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