SOUNDbite… Brian Healy November 7, 2011

Here’s a SOUNDbite from the Stained Glass Rainbows interview with Brian Healy, the mind behind Dead Artist Syndrome…

 “Jesus came to heal the sick, not the healthy. Until your church is filled with ex-drug addicts, whores, abusive son-of-a-bitches, fags, whatever ‘insert hate group here’, unless your church is filled with those people you’re not doing the mission of Christ. He didn’t come to heal those us who are well. He came to heal the sick, the demented, the lost, the troubled, the broken. We are saved by grace, not by any stupid, fucking, brilliant, idea we’ve ever had, and the American church has got to get over that concept!” – Brian Healy

Kent Williamson

Kent Williamson

Kent C. Williamson is the director of Stained Glass Rainbows, Rebellion of Thought, and When Love Walks In. He is also founder of Paladin Pictures, Paladin Media Group, earless rabbit, and the Community Films Foundation.


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